K-Ultra Dual® Seal

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To ensure a proper seal, conveyor skirting rubber must be adjusted constantly to prevent dust leakage.  Kinder Australia’s K-Ultra Dual® Seal overcomes the requirements of skirt maintenance and replacement by its unique design features.

The K-Ultra Dual® Seal has a double layer of skirting rubber compounded from polyurethane and rubber. The interior wear resistant layer of polyurethane exceeds the wear life of traditional rubber-only skirting, whilst the outer anti-dust integral moulding can adapt to belt vibration and maintain the correct pressure to effectively seal the belt. Overall the K-Ultra Dual® Seal saves on maintenance time and belt repair costs.

When installed the inner body of the K-Ultra Dual® Seal is adjusted so that it clears the belt surface by between 3 to 5mm.  The dimensions are 150mm x 15mm and it is supplied in a 10 metre roll.

K-Ultra Dual® Seal’s key benefits are:
• Reduces dust leakage
• Wear resistant
• Low contact pressure
• Long life
• Belt friendly