How To’s

Our company has an intimate understanding of all heavy process industries. Kinder Australia is a “Can Do” company that listens to problems and then focuses on the most practical cost-effective solution. Over the years we have built up an unparalleled knowledgebase of best practice advice. Download and read our insightful series of How-To instructional guides that cover a range of preventative and site management issues.

  • How to transform high risk spillage transfer points into productive, efficient clean workspaces – securing your conveyed material with absolute certainty as well as creating a safe workspace.

  • This How-To provides advice on best practice conveyor belt tracking based on the rules of achieving “true” and “level” material flow.

  • This How To lists key conveyor components to improve existing conveyor efficiencies through low cost, high return conveyor upgrades.

  • Operational efficiencies rely on the correct installation of all of the mechanical components. This explains the correct procedures for conveyor idler frame installation.

  • Top tips for the operation and maintenance of primary belt cleaners and ways to optimise your productivity rather than fix breakdowns.

  • Whether designing a new conveyor or maintaining an existing one, tracking your belt “true” is not, and will not, ever be a costly exercise compared to the expenses of not tracking your belt “true”.

  • Top tips and real-life site images of some of the most common and some of the most overlooked ways contributing to idler breakdown.

  • Instructions on how to achieve an accurate measurement of your conveyor roller, ensuring a consistent specification solution.

  • Top tips and instructional advice on how not to damage your conveyor belt.

  • Use this troubleshooting checklist to identify your conveyor belt misalignment problems

  • Many improvements can be made with NO capital investment. Share your conveyor problem with us and we will find a solution for you.