Install Guides

To ensure that the conveyor componentry performs as it is intended, please read it’s installation instructions carefully prior to commencing the installation procedure.  If you have any questions or require further engineering assistance, please contact us on (03) 8587 9111.

Anti-Wear Lining

K-Redi-Liner PolyurethaneAvailable on Request
K-Redi-Liner CeramicAvailable on Request
K-Redi-Liner KP Dual DuroAvailable on Request
K-Ceramat Rubber Backed CeramicAvailable on Request
K-Ceramic Lining ProductsAvailable on Request
K-Trowelable CeramicAvailable on Request
K-Rubber LinersAvailable on Request

Conveyor Hardware

K-Side Guide RollersAvailable on Request
K-Trainer Belt Alignment IdlerAvailable on Request
MTD Disc TrackerAvailable on Request
K-Conveyor PulleysAvailable on Request
K-Polymer® Conveyor RollersAvailable on Request
K-Steel Rollers/IdlersAvailable on Request
Sure Grip Belt ClampAvailable on Request
K-Belt JackAvailable on Request
K-Jaw Belt GrabAvailable on Request
Adjustable Conveyor FramesAvailable on Request
K-Maintenance Idler TagAvailable on Request
Conveyor Belting – Side WallAvailable on Request
Eli-Flex Belt & Rubber Repair®Available on Request
K-Impact RollersAvailable on Request
K-Return Rubber Disc IdlersAvailable on Request
K-Centring Trough RollersAvailable on Request
K-Wind GuardsAvailable on Request
K-Belt Tension AssemblyAvailable on Request
K-Self Aligning Return IdlersAvailable on Request
K-Sure® Return Belt CarrierAvailable on Request
K-Anti Lock Roller ShieldAvailable on Request
K-Magnetic Speed SwitchAvailable on Request
K-Weigh Rollers and FramesAvailable on Request

Conveyor Skirting & Transfer

K-Snap-Loc® Dust Seal SystemAvailable on Request
K-Containment SealAvailable on Request
K-Ultra Dual® SealAvailable on Request
K-Fold-N-Seal Skirting SystemAvailable on Request
K-Super Block Skirting SealAvailable on Request
K-Conlock® Clamp SystemAvailable on Request
K-Speedskirt® Hardskirt PlatesAvailable on Request
K-Quick Clamp Skirting SystemAvailable on Request
K-Lock® Wedge Skirting ClampAvailable on Request
Skirting RubberAvailable on Request
K-Sure® Belt Support SystemAvailable on Request
K-Impact Belt Support SystemAvailable on Request
K-Impact Conveyor Slider BarsAvailable on Request

Magnetic Wear & Repair

K-Magna-Patch Reusable RepairAvailable on Request
K-Magna-PlateAvailable on Request

Materials Flow Solutions

K-Slip Low Friction LinerAvailable on Request
K-Vortex Air BlasterAvailable on Request
VibratorsAvailable on Request

Metal Detector Products

Medetec Metal DetectorsAvailable on Request

Safety & Environmental

Capotex Belt Conveyor CoversAvailable on Request
K-MotorShield Motor CoversAvailable on Request
K-Dust Enclosure ComponentsAvailable on Request
Pull-Safe Pull Wire SwitchAvailable on Request
Safe-T-Guide Wire Rope GuideAvailable on Request
Safe-T-Pull Emergency Stop SignAvailable on Request
Safe-T-Pull Pull Wire SwitchAvailable on Request
Safe-T-Rip Belt Tear DetectorAvailable on Request
K-Magnetic Speed SwitchAvailable on Request

Screening Products

K-Deblinding RodsAvailable on Request
K-Screen AccessoriesAvailable on Request
K-Spray NozzlesAvailable on Request

Cannot find the guide that you are looking for? Please contact our team of Sales Engineers on (03) 8587 9111 or click here to email them.